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    I would like to make the navigation menus smaller so they fit on one line. I have six pages to the site and right now the blog is moving the sixth item (about) to the second line. Can you help?

    The blog I need help with is



    I got this one fixed but now have another question: How can I make the menu items sit at the bottom of the gray header bar?



    Same position horizontally, or not?


    I checked and the main menu is all on one line. I see that you set the padding to zero for the “#snap-nav ul a” block.

    I think the menu would look nicer if it were right-aligned. You can do that by adding this rule:

    #snap-nav ul {
    	float: right;

    And you might also want to add a little padding to the left of list items. You could do that by changing the padding to “padding: 0 0 0 .5em;” on blocks with “#snap-nav ul a”.

    Your CSS is a little disorganized. You could probably combine some of the rules. Keep experimenting with them! And make sure each @media block has a starting “{” and and ending “}”.

    Your site looks great!



    This is not related to your question but for SEO reasons you may wish to reconsider using an image for your content (as opposed to properly formatted text).

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