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Make my blog into a book?

  1. I want to make my blog into a book and was planning on doing is at Now it says they don't do wordpress blogs- blaaaa! Does anyone know another good and easy place to do this? Thanks Becka

  2. there is already a support article about turning your blog into a book. type book in the support search and it will show a link to 'write a book'

  3. twolittleducks

    I've been trying to do this for ages too. I tried to do the search as you said and found, but this is about writing your blog as a book, not turning an existing blog into a book.

    What I want to do is to get my blog to export as a word doc or similar so I can upload it to, but that doesn't seem to be possible and as Becka says, none of the tools for creating a book from a blog seem to work for wordpress.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  4. did u try export under tools in your dashboard?

  5. The export won't work.

    I had looked at this a while back and I'm surprised to see that there is nothing out there. I did find this link which supposedly will convert your wordpress.COM blog over to LiveJournal which you can then use with - maybe.

  6. Here's something that is supposed to be coming

  7. My bad - that service only supports Blogger right now

  8. I wonder why blurb doesn't do wordpress anymore. It use to it says. there are instucions on here of how to change your files, but I just really wanted the easy way. If anyone eles has any ideas- or if you wordpress people want to put the heavy on blurb so they will to wordpress blogs- hee hee. I'll keep looking!

  9. They said the API changed. I looked and looked and found nothing.

  10. twolittleducks

    Yes - they said the WordPress API keeps changing with no warning and they therefore felt unable to support it. I've also looked and looked and found nothing, and I imagine other similar services would also have the same problem.

    Has WordPress considered offering this service themselves? There must be lots of people trying to do the same thing as us and an official WordPress tool would provide a valued and reliable service.

  11. Middle of last year, I played with a free online service (BLOGBOOKER) that converts your entire site into a PDF and it worked amazingly well. Back then I had the my entire blog created into a PDF document complete with ToC, Comments, etc and the PDF file came out to be around 80MB.

    The service isn't perfect and while it successfully created all my pages, it also created many blank pages. You'll know what I mean when you try it yourself. The page lists the wordpress service as Beta.

  12. I have tried that service in the past (and just tried it again) and it doesn't work for me. Maybe my file is too large?

  13. When I first tried it, it didn't work either but I played around with various configuration of paper sizes, etc and just after a couple of tries, it succesfully produced a nice PDF document of my entire blog - it was amazing and I remember going "WOW".

    I hope more people play with it and feedback to the author(s) so they can correct the problems that plague the present version. My blog has a lot of images than yours, I think (making an assumption) so if it worked for me, it might work for you too. I haven't tried it lately but I would like to, some day, publish a book from all the posts since Nov 2006.

  14. twolittleducks

    Yes - I've just tried it and I'm really pleased with the results. Bizarrely it has picked up all my draft posts as well as my live ones, but I'll have a play with the configuration to see if I can remove them and if not, I've got Acrobat editor so I'll just go through and take them out.

    Also, it didn't work when I tried to open the acrobat file straight from the page - instead, I had to right click to save and then open it in Acrobat.

    Thanks shimworld - this is exactly the sort of solution I've been looking for!

  15. I have also tried editing the PDF file but it's too taxing trying to all the "stray" pages out of 300+ posts.

  16. I created two blurb books previously when their program was still working with WordPress and am disappointed it is not up and running (yet). Any feedback from the WordPress end on the status of this problem would be appreciated.

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