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    Is there a way I can make my own widget using CCS? I have a perfect widget called reservations on the Stay theme but, I can’t customize it. I got the coding for it, and tried to use the text widget to paste it in there but that didn’t work. If I put the code in the CCS will it take affect? And can I move it?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can put code into a text widget to create a ‘widget’, but a lot of code is automatically stripped, so it doesn’t work. If it has javascript, flash, or other HTML, that isn’t in the link below, it’s not going to work. In wordpress.ORG no code is stripped, but here it is, since it’s there as a security measure. Even with the CSS upgrade you can’t post these codes.


    I checked and I see that you have added the reservations widget in the “Header Widget Area” on the Appearance -> Widgets page.

    You can use CSS to customize the appearance of things, but you cannot use CSS to modify or change functionality as danielisreading already mentioned.

    Out of curiosity, what exactly were you trying to change about the reservations widget?

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