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Make navigation with pages or post categories?

  1. Hello!

    My second posting here as Google wasn't able to help me out :-(. I am building my blog and wish to make navigation. I have 3 areas I wish to write about (PHOTOGRAPHY., TRAVELS and GARDENING) and each will have certain number of posts.

    Firstly I put CATEGORIES widget in the side column and clicking on TRAVELOGUES would display summaries of all travelogues posts. This isn't exactly what I wanted to have so I decided to put PAGES widget in the sidebar. Now I have Parent pages and child pages under each of them. This presents 2 problems:

    1. parent pages appear in the top navigation; clicking on them gives blank pages in the middle - maybe I can remove these links from the header or have a list of the posts that are child pages, within this page (middle section)?
    2. if I have 100 posts on Gardening and make them all as pages, the side widget will extend waaaay down and look horrible. Can I somehow make it collapse / expand? Or is it theme related?

    I have both versions currently on my site so if anyone would like to take a look.... Thank you very much in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @Alex
    Simply creating static pages for Categories will not result in what you want to achieve unless the URLs for the pages created are links to the categories in question. This is achieved by editing the static page and inserting the category link into the title box and then publishing the page. This will work well on your theme (I just tested it) but not on all themes.

    Do not include the backticks ` at the beginning end end of the code below when you copy and paste.



  3. ARRGGH! I'll try again. Do not include the square brackets.


    fingers crossed that the code shows up this time.

  4. I don't know the code will not display between backticks. I will post it again with obvious spaces that would have to be removed.

    Blogging miscellany

  5. 'TITLE HERE '

    WEBPAGE URL HERE - URL for the specific category

  6. @Staff
    The ability to post code between backticks is not working.

  7. <a href="">Test link to</a>

  8. Hm, worked for me just now. Try testing again?

  9. <a href="">Test link to</a>

  10. Head spinning. :(

  11. @astrbac

    Edit the Pages in question. As odd as this ma seem copy and past the links below into the title fields on each page.

    <a href="">Gardening</a>

    <a href="">Photograpy</a>

    <a href="">Travels</a>

    I have tested this on my test blog using the same Spring Loaded theme so I do know that this will work.

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