Make Notifications More Intuitive?

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    Hey, I see people having issues with stats and accuracy on the forums but that isn’t exactly what this is about. I’m wondering if there’s a way to change how the stats are displayed?

    When I go to my blog (on, I see the orange sign indicating there’s been activity since I was last there so I click on it to see what. Let’s says it says, “Banana and 15 others followed your blog”.

    To me, intuitively, that would mean that Banana plus 15 other users followed my blog, making 16 followers.

    I check a week later and I have a new notification and now it says, “Boogabooga and 19 others followed your blog”, my first reaction is, “Cool, that’s 20 more followers so now I have 36!”

    After months of thinking that’s how it works, I looked at my actual stats page for the first time and saw I didn’t have anywhere near as many followers as I thought and that’s when I realized that isn’t what’s happening.

    For whatever reason, the stats are just keeping a running count of my followers. So “Boogabooga and 19 others” really means “Boogabooga and 19 others, 15 of which we already mentioned.” It just seems counter intuitive and I think it does the same thing for likes.

    I’m used to balloon notifications that only display new activity since the last time I checked. Meaning, if I had 2 new followers yesterday, the orange notification would say, “Frick and 1 other followed your blog”. Is there a way to make it do that?

    I thought I already asked this but I can’t find anything by me in here so maybe I didn’t. Thanks!



    I’m wondering if there’s a way to change how the stats are displayed?

    I’m sorry but there isn’t.



    Thanks so much!



    Best wishes with your blog.

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