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Make photos larger - Blaskan Theme

  1. carlyatstylesnapshot

    Hi there,

    I know this question has been asked a million times, but I still can't seem to make my photos larger than 100% in Blaskan theme. I've tried changing the size in Advanced Settings, changing the content width on the right hand side of the CSS editor (which I have purchased)... I've tried copying and pasting different CSS codes into the style sheet and nothing seems to work. I want the pictures about 25% larger. When I make the photos larger, they appear to be larger while I write the post, but when I publish the post they go back to their normal smaller size... Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This thread will be moved to the CSS Forum for you.

  3. carlyatstylesnapshot

    Thanks!! :)

  4. You're welcome.

  5. The images won't get larger than their container area.

    I see that you've done this in your custom CSS:

    #main-nav ul ul,
    #comments h3,
    legend span,
    .footer-content {
    	width: 600px;

    So if you want the images larger than 600px, you need to increase that number.

    And I also see that you've inserted images individually at set sizes directly into the content. That's probably the main issue. Give the following steps a try:

    1) Open this page for editing
    2) At the top, insert a gallery using these instructions:
    3) Switch to the Text editor and add the following into the gallery shortcode: size="full" columns="1"
    4) Preview the post

    Here is an example gallery shortcode you could use:

    [gallery size="full" columns="1" link="post" ids="198,176,174,175,173,172,171"]

    I really like galleries, but if you still wanted to insert the images individually, you could re-insert them at full width and they will get set to a specific size (whatever the full width is for your theme at the time you inserted them). What probably happened in your case is that you inserted the images *before* making the CSS changes and the image sizes were already set.

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