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make post a page

  1. I mistakenly wrote in the post format intending to use the page. How do I move my entry to its own page?

  2. There is no automatic way to do this. It's a copy and paste into the other and delete the first one job.

  3. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to explain the details. I've tried to copy and paste but I failed. Could you tell me step by step? I understand how to copy and paste, but do I copy from the text? And where is it pasted?

  4. I can't do that until your provide the URL of the post or page in question. At this point I do not even know what your blog URL is.

  5. P.S. I think I found the blog and it's a mature content blog so don't post the URL please.

  6. Never mind. Seems as if as soon as I give up, it comes to me.

  7. Here we go. Assuming you have created a Post rather than a static Page do as follows:
    Open a new tab while the first one is still open to the Post in the editor.
    Dashboard > Pages > All Pages click "Add New" will open a Page:
    Copy and Paste the Title from the Post to the Page.
    Copy and Paste the body text from the Post to the Page.
    Click the big blue Publish button to publish the Page.
    Click Move to Trash in the Publish module of the Post.

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