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    I would love a step by step if its possible with my variables.

    Thanks folks


    The blog I need help with is


    If it were possible with the theme you are using, it would require the paid CSS upgrade and at least some knowledge of CSS.

    Unfortunately, with Mistylook, all the stuff below the post (cat, tag and leave a comment link) is all under one selector in the CSS, so it is all or nothing. Everything below the bottom of the post content would go away.


    The iNove theme allows you to turn off category and/or tag display underneath the posts under appearance > theme options.



    May I ask why you want to remove them? They are the index terms that are indexed by search engines and will produce your posts in search engine results when people look for posts by typing those terms into search engines. Successful blogs draw between 30 – 60 % of their incoming targeted readers. from search engine referrals.

    Targeted readers are different from casual traffic. Targeted readers arrive on your blog in response to SERPS (search engine page results) knowing the subject matter they are searching for will be found in your posts (assuming you have used relevant tags). Targeted readers are more likely to become regular readers and subscribers and leave comments on your posts. They are also more likely to backlink to your posts in posts of their own and when they do your blog will receive visitors who click the links. Targeted readers are also more likely to share the URL to your blog with other targeted readers in the same niche.

    If you want your posts to receive search engine attention, be indexed and appear in the SERPS, and incoming targeted readers, receive backlinks, and you want your blog to achieve authority in your niche so it does achieve a PageRank then removing tags is not the way to go.


    I may look at iNove.
    I’ve not made myself clear.
    I don’t want to remove the tags and their functionality, but only make them invisible to readers of my blog.


    Not possible with Mistylook. In some themes you can hide the tags via the CSS upgrade since they are under a unique selector, but not in Mistylook.



    ~~ waving to TSP



    can I remove tags in Bueno?
    I don’t want them to show to my readers!



    I dont want tags to show in my blog.
    My theme is Bueno.
    ANy answers?


    It was only 1 minute. Patience is a virtue. Other forums may require 24 hours for a reply.

    With Bueno, the tags are included in the “entry” which means that you cannot hide them because it will end up hiding the entire post content.



    gee thanks so much!
    and i reposted the comment because i thought the previous one hadn’t been posted!!
    anyway, thanks so much :D


    You’re welcome.


    Thank you for the answer. It isn’t so bad.

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