Make posts organize alphabetically rather than by date

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    I’ve been looking all over to find how to sort out my posts so they list alphabetically rather than by the date they were published.

    I am currently redoing my entire blog and rather than delete what is already on it i moved it all into one category. I labeled them all by their old catigory name first, then a number, then their name. Now i just need to get it to orginise alphabetically and i’m set!

    Any help is more than welcome. Just try to keep it basic, i’m no expert with wordpress =)


    I’m afraid there’s no real option for organizing posts alphabetically. What you can do is either change their date-stamp (not reasonable in your case, I guess) or create a page in which you’ll write the links to those posts in the order you want them.



    one way maybe to put them in your “links” widget.(blogroll)
    with a link category of say “posts”.
    The ‘links widget’ will show links in alphabetical order on your sidebar.
    Not exactly the most practical idea, but something to consider.



    That’s one way and made me think about another way using the Categories widget, since you might want to keep your blogroll.

    At least in Cutline, categories are listed alphabetically.


    You can create “Pages” (instead of posts) and list them alphabetically. Just a thought.


    Note that dlager’s and dissfunktional’s suggestions result in a list showing in the sidebar, while justjennifer’s and mine result in a title showing in the sidebar (leading to the list when you click on it).

    Also note that if you choose my solution, the quick way to do it is by drag-and-drop: open two windows in your browser, go to your “Old Posts” category in the one and to Write Page in the other, drag post titles to page.


    thanks for the help. i chose panaghiotisadam’s solution although i think i did it the long way hehe. Now i have all the posts unorginised in my “Old Site” catergory, but there is also a “Old Site Contents” page that has them all in the correct order. I found this the best solution as it takes up less space on the sidebar.

    Many thanks!


    Sorry I didn’t think of that in time!

    By the way, I don’t know if you’ll need them in the future, but at the moment there’s no point anymore in keeping the “Categories” and “Recent Posts” widgets.

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