Make reading (or scrolling) upwards as easy as scrolling downwards

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    Recently you limited the number of posts in a file to 50. For those of us who had more than 50 posts in a given month (in my case 60 during my first 16 months of blogging) you broke apart the old file into two files, in my case one with 50 posts and one with 10 posts. You then, very elegantly, linked them together using clickable links, called “Older posts” and “Newer posts”.

    A reader can scroll my month from post 60 down to post 1 intuitively and easily. He scrolls to the bottom of the file, but instead of finding post 1 there, he find a link to “Older posts” below post 11. That link leads him directly to post 10, from which he scrolls down to post 1. Perfect!

    The idea, that I now place before you, is to make the return trip as easy. The reader starts reading my posts sequentially from post 1 and upwards as he always does, but he gets no further than to reading post 10. My suggestion is that he would find the link to “Newer posts” ABOVE post 10 (which he just read and wants to contune up to post 11), and that this link would get him to the BOTTOM of the other file where post 11 is located right in front of the reader’s eyes.

    Only two small programming changes are required for this to be accomplished.

    1) The “Newer posts” should be moved from its current place at the bottom of the file below post 1 (where it has no business being) to the TOP of the file, above post 10.

    2) The “Newer posts” link should go to the BOTTOM of the other file where post 11 is located, rather than to post 60 at the top of the other file (from where the reader now must scroll all the way down to file 11 to continue his reading).

    You made the downward scroll journey perfect for the reader – the file transition is almost automatic. But the same transition during his upward journey while reading is confusing and messy. With my two changes implemented I suggest that his sequential reading of the blog will be just as perfect as his scrolling down to the start, with the transition almost as automatic.

    The blog I need help with is

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