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    I want to actually disable my text from being included as a link. I know how to stop it from being clickable, but that isn’t good enough. Is there code to stop it from being a link altogether (not just stop the ‘pointer-events’)?

    pointer-events: none;

    The blog I need help with is



    I should add: The text I’m referring to is my SITE TITLE.


    Hi there, looking at your site, the site title, Matthew Bridgham, is not clickable right now. The small strip of image showing above your title is linked. Is that what you want to “unlink?”



    Well, I made the Site title unclickable using:`pointer-events: none;’ I want to change the color of my link to black, with a hover color of orange. But when I do this, It also changes my site title to black (even if it’s unclickable) because it is a link. I mainly want to disable the Site title being a link at all.


    Ok, we can do that easily enough, but before I forget, I see you have hidden the footer credits. You are not allowed to hide the and theme footer credits per our Terms of Service (#11). Even the VIP sites here at (CNN, Time, etc.) are required to keep the footer credits. See the Frequently Asked Questions on the Custom Design support page for more information.

    You are allowed to restyle the footer credits to better fit with your design as long as they remain readable. You can add text, like a copyright, to the footer credits using CSS. If you need help restyling or adding to the existing footer credits, we would be happy to help.

    We can change the site title to black easily enough by targeting just the site title with the selector, but once you set pointer-events to none, that prevents not only clicks, but also “state” changes such as would be made with :hover, so we can’t set a hover color. This will change the site title to black.

    .site-header h1 a {
        color: #000000;

    One other thing I’ll mention is that visitors would typically see a change in color as indicating that something is clickable or a link, so it might create some confusion.



    Great! Added the credits.



    Another question: Why hasn’t my Gravatar/Favicon on my website changed? The next to my name on the forum is correct. It’s been two days since I uploaded it.



    your footer is still not legal



    It’s not an issue of ‘legal,’ but of policy. I figured out the issue with the footer. Beautifully clickable credits that don’t violate policy.


    Your credits look fine now.

    On Gravatars, sometimes browsers will rely on cached images, clear your browser cache and see if that doesn’t straighten things out for you. The first place a Gravatar change will show up is here in the forums.



    Figured it out…So, apparently there are THREE places to change your image. I knew of two. First, right here at Second, when you click on Users>My Profile. BUT the third, when you click on Settings. Why three places? That could definitely be changed.


    At Settings > General, is where you set your blog picture, the Blavatar, which is the favicon that appears in the browser address bar and tabs beside your site URL.

    At Users > My Profile is where you set your Gravatar, which is the image that appears by comments you make and here in the forums beside your username.

    On the main WordPress site page, you can also set your Gravatar and more and more of the settings will be showing up on that main site (outside of your dashboard). Right now things can be a little confusing with so many places to change that, but things will consolidate over time.

    Sorry for the confusion. :(

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