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Make tagging easier and better

  1. Hi,

    i really don´t like the way of tagging in
    Is it possible to make it like here in the forum? That there is one line under the editor, in which you can add tags? And when there are tags with the same letters at the beginning, a drop-down-list will sort them? Example: when i have the tags "Wii", "Windows", "Winston", "Wordpress" and i type in this line "Wi", that in this drop-down-list all tags beginning with "Wi" are displayed.

    (Sorry, i sometimes don´t know the right words in english, but i hope you understand it^^)

  2. I can't answer your question and sorry to go totally off-topic here but that dog in your avatar is so funny and adorable...hehehe.

  3. At we have categories. These categories we assign to our posts are treated as "tags" by search engines. You can add categories here -> Manage -> Categories or you can add them while you are writing a post by using the Categories box on the "write post" page.

    If you have an idea for doing anything else with categories/tags staff have requested that you send in a feedback to them with your idea and with your reasons for asking for the new feature. The feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page.

  4. @Timethief: The first part is known, but thanks^^

    Second part: Before i do that i wan´t to get some feedback from other users :) I want to know what they think about this.

    @Weirdscience: Thx, i´ll tell him this :P

  5. I have a lot of Categories and I prefer to see them all in the Categories box on the write page where I then check off the ones that are applicable to any post. In other words, I see no advantage to what you're are proposing. It seems to me checking marking from an existing list is easier than typing each category in the way we do on this forum software. However, it is possible that I just don't clearly understand what you are stating.

  6. Yeah, but i don´t like it to search in 50 or more categories and scroll down more time than i´m writing. Perhaps it could be combined, that the Category-box is there and this line i want to have...

    I think if they adobt my ideas, its more comfortable and less work :)

  7. Best bet would be to send in your idea via feedback from your dashboard. Staff has suggested that in the past so they make they see the idea presented.

  8. You are certainly not alone in wanting tagging along the lines you describe. Yours will not be the first feedback requesting it... but you should add yours to the pile of requests.

  9. @andrew
    Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me this request is parallel to the request for "tagging" for software, as well. ;)

  10. @TT... yes it is, and that feature is expected to be in WordPress 2.3, which in turn is expected, unless things have changed, in September. I would predict, therefore, that it will appear in this year. But it does not harm to have staff reminded that the feature is eagerly awaited.

  11. I thought so.

  12. naturopathicdoctor

    yes tagging individual posts is key. a category is a big picture item while a tag is more specific. blogger uses it and has a good system. i like wordpress overall much more than blogger - especially if they make tags possible for each post AND categories.


  13. See here and please note the other suggestions made in this thread.

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