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    I’ve converted a previously PHP-less website into a WordPress theme with the goal of allowing my less technical friend to customize his website. I would like some text on the front page to be customizable by clicking on the blue pencil icon during live preview. What coding is necessary where?



    Hi @arkworkshop!

    The pencil icons in the Customizer (My Site > Customize) will open the relevant menu in the left hand side of the Customizer for things like widgets, titles and other elements.

    Posts and pages themselves will need to be edited through the actual editor – is that what you were trying to do?

    If you include a link to the site you’re working on and a description of the section you’re trying to edit, we’ll be happy to take a look :)



    Sorry, I assume you assumed I just have a basic WordPress account. I am working on a hosted website with full WordPress installed. Themes other than the one I created (by PHP-ing a normal website) have the pencil icons at widgets / heading / etc.. I would like to add the same functionality to a clean theme (no extra PHP / functions / ect.).



    These forums are for folks hosted here on

    Since your site is self-hosted, with the WordPress software running on your own hosting, you can try asking for help over in the forums:

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