Make the body of my post wider and change font size

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    Hi I’m using the origin theme, I was wondering how I could use type kit? I couldnt find the theme in their list. I would like to make the font on my blog larger as its too small!

    Also I would like to make the space between my post and my side bar larger so it doesnt appear so squished. How can I do this? I have already purchased the css customisation!


    The blog I need help with is


    This support page explains about using the built in typekit fonts interface in your dashboard.

    The theme you have chosen is a “responsive width” theme. That means it adjusts for browser windows and monitors narrower than the max width set in the CSS so that it looks good on everything from a desktop monitor to a smart phone. This means that widening the post area is almost a waste. If I narrow my browser window, or have it set narrow, the post area is going to shrink in width. Try it yourself, widen and narrow your browser window and see what happens to your posting area, and your entire main page.

    You can narrow the sidebar so that the posting area takes up a larger percentage of the overall area, but there is a limit to how narrow you can take the sidebar before it ruins the balance of the theme. And again, that change would be negated if I go to your site and have my browser set at, say, 800px wide.


    Sorry, I forgot to post the link to the custom fonts stuff.

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