Make the gap between the content and the right sidebar bigger? Oxygen theme.

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    I am using the oxygen theme and I have removed the left sidebar and extended my content to the left. Now I would like to make the distance between the content (text especially) and the right sidebar bigger. The page I am talking about is:
    Can anybody help, please?

    The blog I need help with is


    And I would also like to have text and pictures the same width. As you can see they are not now (
    And finally I would really like the gallery (tiled) to be the same width as the pictures.
    (Are these different questions and should be put another place?)


    Maybe I should inform you that the default content width is now 584 pixels.


    Set your content width to 660px as that is the width of the content area now. If I told you 584 before, I messed up. I told someone 584.

    To increase the gap between the sidebar and the content, I would recommend narrowing the sidebar a little.

    Add this and then adjust the width value as desired. 24% looks pretty good to me. :)

    #tertiary {
    float: right;
    width: 24%;

    Thank you a lot for answering.
    But is it possible to keep the content width 584 pixels and “shrink” the text instead? I think it looks nice that small!
    If not I will do as you just told me to.


    Sure, do this instead then:

    #content {
    margin-left: 0;
    margin-right: 37%;

    Thank you! Almost perfect…
    Have you got an answer to the question about the tiled gallery which is not equal width as the pictures (and text now) too?
    I am talking about the two pictures beside each other inserted on


    The gallery width is being set in the theme php script files apparently and is being set to 578px giving a 6px difference. The two images are sized off of that with each getting a portion of that 578. Since the sizes are being created independently of the CSS, and being inserted directly into the HTML for the page, there really isn’t much way to change it other than you set your content width back to 578px instead of 584px.


    Thank you.


    You are welcome, and sorry we couldn’t fix that one.

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