make Wu Wei width wider?

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    Hello, I am trying to make my Wu Wei width wider? Could anyone please help?

    The blog I need help with is



    .center-column {width: 68.334em;}

    If you do change the width of your blog you’ll need to create a new, wider header image and add that with CSS too.


    Thank you very much. I will have to do some research because I have no idea what to do with that code.



    Well assuming you have paid for the CSS upgrade you would paste it in to the CSS area from Appearance > Edit CSS on your dashboard. If you have already made CSS changes then just add it to the bottom of your custom declarations. If you haven’t made any changes then delete all the filler text currently in that box and paste just the line I gave you in. Make sure you have “add to Wu Wei’s existing stylesheet” selected and click to update the change.

    If you haven’t paid for the upgrade yet you can click Preview to see how it would look although you might have to force refresh the page once it loads for the change to become apparent as many browesers load in the old cached styles and forget to add the new ones.

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