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    I have two blogs, MusicSprings and ScienceSprings. Both are news related. So, befcause I am using the same news sources over and over, I had been typing a lot of the same text, URL, and graphics over and over.

    On a walk, I decided to look to see if WordPress offered templates, so that I could just put up all the repetitive stuff once, save the template, and just call on it every time I did a new post about the subject or from that source. No luck, I could not find anything.

    So, what I did, and it seems to work just fine, for Musicsprings, I launched a new post form, and for each topic or source, I put in the framework I was building from scratch each time: headline banner, source identification with a URL, graphics, photos, etc. I did not save it in WordPress as anything. Instead, I simply copied the whole thing and pasted it into a new Word document. I started a folder in My Documents for each blog and just put the saved text, .html code and all, into a file for each suource. Now, instead of constantly going and getting photos, graphics, etc., I just go to Word, open the folder, and get the file’s context, copy, and past into a new WordPress post blank. I put the new material into the body of the post and I am done. It looks just fine and saves me a lot of work.

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