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    Hi, how do i make my own theme?



    I understand that you want to make your own template but there are some things I must tell you. It’s important to tell you that although some themes at and may appear to be the same they are not; the software is different.

    Here at we are on a shared multiuser blogging platform and we are not allowed to alter our templates for security reasons. For the same reason we cannot use javascript, iframes, forms, some media embeds and styles, etc.
    This explains is greater detail why javascript is stripped.

    If you do not wish to use one of the themes made available at through your admin section -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Themes then you have two options. The choice you make may depend on the differences between css customizing a theme or moving to self hosting or a web host and altering a free template.

    (1) The “please read me first before posting” pink sticky at the head of the forum outlines the differences between blogs and blogs which are on different code bases.

    (2) The 15$ you pay to upgrade enables you to to alter the appearance of your theme and but not the underlying php code. Purchasing the upgrade entitles you to customize a cascading style sheet on one blog for one year.

    Specifically the CSS Editor does not let you edit any particular theme stylesheet; rather, it keeps the theme intact and lets you edit a brand new stylesheet. Because your custom CSS is loaded after the theme’s CSS, your style rules can override or add to the existing rules.

    You can use CSS to improve on any existing theme; you can define your own classes for use in posts; you can select the Sandbox theme and build on one of the Minimalist layouts or opt for no stylesheet and do it all yourself.

    Although there is a forum and other bloggers may volunteer to help you if needs be, there is no staff support for css customization. If you feel you have the required skills to customize a theme and you choose to purchase an upgrade and undertake css customization then these two threads may be helpful.

    And as you are new to this thread will be useful to you because it contains links to the basic resources we use here. Happy Blogging!

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