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Makeing my name a link

  1. I've noticed that some people, when they comment, have made their name into a link that leads back to their blog. This is pretty handy, because it means I can find any interesting commentor's blog easily. How do I set that up?

  2. I just realized that I mispelled 'making'. I r a good riter, seriously...

  3. it r noe proablum. i cu u r figyurd it owt

  4. My name is a link here, but not in the comment section of other people's blogs.

  5. Have you made any comments since you put it in your Profile under Website? It works perfectly here, and should work perfectly on any comments you make going forward. It may or may not propagate backwards to old comments, but if it does, it won't do it quickly.

  6. Ah, I never thought of that. Thanks, I'll try it out :)

  7. That did it, thanks for the help!

  8. You're welcome. Glad it worked for you.

  9. YAY, I just did that too after trying lots of other stuff, and it worked! Thanks!! I'm so glad I checked here!

  10. I just found this after posting a simmilar question. Trouble is I still don't understand the answer - put it in your profile under website??

  11. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Please answer the question; how do you embed a link into your post?


  12. That's a different question, and is answered in the FAQ.

    To make your name a link to your blog, go to your Profile page. Settings->Users->Profile. There is a line there for your website: put the full URL of your blog in there, including http.

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