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Making a new gravatar

  1. I manage two blogs, one is my private blog written in Bahasa Indonesia, another one is focus on writing in local wisdon and written in English. I have one gravatar supporting both blogs. I wonder if I can start a new gravatar so in the upcoming time, each blog has one gravatar. In other words, can I have two gravatar?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can have only one gravatar for every username account.
    You can register another username account to have a different gravatars but that account must have a different email address.

    If you want you can also make the new username account an Admin of a blog you want to transfer it to and then transfer the blog.

    Note: Gravatar and blavatar images are cached and frequently take several days to display after a change. The best practices are found below the video here > If it does not appear instantly do not keep uploading! If several days have passed and it is not in evidence then post here for Gravatar support >

  3. Thank you for your helpful advice, Timethief.
    Go jumping to the conclution, I have to make a new username and tranfer one of my blog? Is it so?

  4. Yes you need another username account to have two gravatars.
    Yes you can transfer a blog to it if you want to. Be sure you are logged out of when you create a new username account.

  5. I have no idea how to transfer my existing blog to my new grafatar. How can I transfer it?

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