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    I have two blogs. One main one and another that’s semi-personal. I’d like to be able to not associate my account with the personal one. So all my posts will appear as anonymous, or not have an author at all. Saying this, I’d also like to note that I want to be able to also post on my main blog that is fully associated with my account. The problem is I can only do one or the other(or I only know how to one or the other). Is there a way, perhaps, to remedy this?

    I’m aware that I could create a new account and add it as an author, but I’d rather not because I believe that isn’t allowed, right? Besides, that would only half solve my problems. I want to be able to manage both blogs from the same account.

    I hope I’m making myself clear. One blog anonymous, the other not.



    You can’t have no author. You can, however, have as many separate accounts as you want, but it won’t allow you to manage both blogs from the same account.

    First of all, pick a theme that doesn’t display the author name. Then, don’t reply to comments. Then, get a nickname (on your profile page) and use that Nickname when you go to post on the other site. Switch it back once the post is done. That’ll approximate privacy.

    Really, though, if you are seriously concerned with privacy your should have two separate accounts and the second one should create its own blog.



    You can add a second account if you want – you need a different email address – not a problem – call yourself anything you want that is not taken – might also not make the name too close to any nickname etc. that you use.



    Ah well, that’s a bummer. S:

    Thanks for the help!

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