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    Not sure if this is possible.

    my blog is

    At the bottom of the blog banner is a button that says blog (which is the home page. Now I want to add a few more “buttons” One of which I would call “Where I minister” and when you click on that it would direct to my churches website.

    Is this possible?




    Those are your Pages. You can create these at Dashboard -> Write -> Pages and manage them at Dashboard -> Manage -> Pages. They are different than Posts as they sit outside of the Category structure and (normally) don’t have dates and times assigned to them. When you create a Page, you’ll see it show up there as a tab.

    Quick aside: I hope there’s not affliate codes in those Amazon links as they would be against the TOS and current policies. Yours would be a grey area as they are not part of the main content or purpose of your blog but it’s still a grey area.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks drmike,

    I do know how to create and manage pages. I am just wondering If I can make a page title a LINK to my churches website or anything else for that matter.

    For example, now this is a blogspot example. A blooger has page links at the top of his blog, one of those re-directs to his churches website.

    BTW – the amazon links are just links to books, no affliate program!



    Hi rwbooth,
    From my experience (and after reading many many forum pages), it appears to be a templat issue.
    You need to choose a template from the examples, that allows those tabs. Some do and some do not.
    I wanted tabs too and selected Press Row in the template section… but so far (3 days of work) here is what else I have noticed:

    1) I do not seem to be able to change the font size of those tabs. Very annoying as they take up too much room across the page. (I think its a template thing)

    2) Have no clue how to change the HOME tab (actually just want it gone) Another template thing.

    3) If you like your friends look then use the same template. (he can then help you set it up I would think?)

    4) The page tab to the churchlink is probably an embedded HTML reference. Not sure where on this site those helpful hints are. I would like to know the exact code as well.

    Anyhow hope some of this helps and if any part of it is incorrect, there will other replies with more correct info.
    But I thought I would try and help.

    Also is very helpful.

    Another edit try for the HTML Codes.



    font sizes
    (1) We cannot change the underlying template structure and php coding of our wordpress blogs as created by their designers. However, there is information on changing font styles, colours and sizes in the FAQs blog
    (2) We can purchase a paid upgrade and alter our css through customization to change the appearance of our blogs and this was found by using the forum search box And if resources are required to learn how then there is another thread in the FAQs blog



    The “home” tab in Pressrow – comes with the theme. I don’t know whether or not it could be “deleted” through css customization.

    Affiliate linking– IMO the party above who has been in dialogue with drmike, rwbooth was not asking for technical instructions on how to place a link into a text widget using html code. blogs are not to be used simply to drive readers to other sites by the use of links. And the friend’s blog referred to is not hosted by The definitive answer on this must come from staff and that is done through sending in a feedback by using the button on the top right hand corner of any blog page.



    But to answer RW’s question, no, you can’t add plain links to those tabs. It’s only for the Pages. You could add them if you were able to edit the underlying theme files but, since we’re on a shared environment, you would be editing them for everybody who used that theme and they would be doing the same thing to you. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I was just trying to explain what those tabs acvtually were and how they were created. :)

    Not sure why were discussing CSS, changing the home tab here or whatnot folks. :)

    Hope this helps,

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