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    I would like to make a .pdf file visible on my blog.

    Is this possible?



    The blog I need help with is



    For embedding and publishing an actual document into a post or page on your blog you can use Scribd.



    Thank you. Just for my own information, is this my only option? (I’m not sure if this matters, but I have and intend to stay with the free version of WordPress.)



    There is no other means of making a PDF available within a blog post. You can either upload the pdf and provide a link, or you can upload the document to, and use Scribd integration to display the document in your blog post.



    I do this:
    I open the PDF file with GIMP and save it in image format, as .jpeg or .png. Then the created image file can be uploaded an inserted in a post as any other image file.
    And the image on post can be linked to the PDF file on Media Library.



    Brilliant! Thank you so much for posting this.



    I don’t get the problem: Scribd is free.



    The problem is that it doesn’t look as clean as a .jpg file. There is extra formatting and words around the edges of the embedded Scribd file. And, if the viewer wants to save the file to their own hard drive, they have to join Scribd if they don’t already belong, which is also free, but it’s a hassle for one file. Even though I joined Scribd a couple weeks ago, I am vaguely but persistently uncomfortable about the underlying motives of Scribd as a concept, so I don’t necessarily want to push that onto my viewers. (It’s not that I have that many, but still).



    Here is an example in my post with both scribd and a picture for multiple options.:

    you can upload a large “screen shot” as an image and insert the thumnail. into your post. Click on the image or if the visitor have mouse hover preview ap, they can see “preview image”.

    With preview thumbnail(s) you would still have to add the text or thumbnail link to your pdf download separately.

    you can also see in my example the scribd embed…

    [opinion] personally , Now: I prefer using thumbnail previews and text links instead of the scribd embed , because the embeds take a lot more time to page load. [/opinion]


    Thanks everyone!

    I thought of using the .jpg file method before, but I’ve just never got around to it. So it’s good to know that it does work. As for the scrobd method… Smart thinking -but it’s just not for me. :-) I don’t want be forced to post all of my work through another site, just so I can post my work on MY site.



    You’re welcome from me.

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