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    I am creating a photo gallery page. I have seen static pages that have one photo representing as the title page of the specific gallery (there can be many). It can be selected and then the slide show of pics are shown in that particular gallery. So, not all are shown on the page at once. For example, I have many design clients and want to show their landscapes according to each customer/job. Can I create just a “front page” with a caption/title that can be selected, with the rest of the photos for that particular job “behind” it?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can create multiple pages with a gallery for each client.
    What you can do is expressed here >

    Can I create just a “front page” with a caption/title that can be selected, with the rest of the photos for that particular job “behind” it?

    You can use next page pagination to split content. See >


    Timethief….maybe I an not explaining myself clearly, sorry. So, is there an option where I could have, lets say, 6 separate Photo Galleries showing on my Photo Gallery page.

    In each gallery, the photo showing is the “Cover Photo”, and it can be selected to open up the chosen gallery for viewing.

    This way, it is like having 6 separate photo albums to view, representing each customer and their properties. But, you would not see any other photos other than the first, cover photo of each. There could be a caption , like, “Smith Residence” under this cover photo.

    I am not sure…is pagination a helpful tool for this? Thank you really!!


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    Pagination could work, but not directly. You will need to use a table to link individual pictures in the cells of a table to the various pages of individual galleries.

    This might work for you though. Take a look at this article:

    If you decide to go with a table of small images linked to separate galleries for each, then several of us volunteers can help you with how to write the code.

    Unfortunately there is no direct way to create albums on



    @1tess-my proposal for the portal is more for hiding images in the post itself so that the written content isn’t overwhelmed. In secondnatureorganic’s case, I believe she wants all the images visible.

    @secondnatureorganic – So in this case, Parent Page as the Gallery “Index” and Child sub-Pages as the individual Galleries.

    On the Parent Page insert a thumbnail image using one of the images in the Child Page and use the Custom Link field to link the thumbnail to the Child Page Gallery, where you can also use Pagination if you don’t want to use the Gallery feature mentioned above.

    If you are using a Custom Menu, Page hierarchy in the Page attributes module doesn’t matter because you can rearrange your Pages in whatever order you’d like.

    Hope that helps.

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