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    Hi everybody,

    I’m trying to add a default image which will appear when I post a link to my blog elsewhere (say, in a Facebook message). I’ve tried everything I can think of but when I post a link to any of the pages / posts it just comes up with a blank square next to the description.

    How do I add a photo which will automatically appear when I or others post links to my blog? Looks very unprofessional otherwise :-(

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    You go to Settings->General and you upload a blavatar (also called favicon) there. And then you wait at least 12 hours, because it takes that long to percolate through the system.


    Thank you so much, I’ll try that!



    You’re welcome.



    How do I modify a post from another blog to be mine,so when they click on the post it won’t open the other persons blog website but mine?thanks in adv


    Why would you want to do that? I think it’s bad manners.


    raincoaster – I’ve gone to Settings-General but I can’t find anywhere to upload a blavatar. I’ve looked for help for this but all I’ve found is that there is supposed to be a ‘blog picture / icon’ spot which my general settings page doesn’t have.

    Maybe the page is not displaying correctly?



    Are you not the Admin of the site? Only the Admin can upload that.


    I am, but there’s nothing there.



    What browser and version are you using? I know it’s there because I just started a new blog a week ago.


    I’m using Internet Explorer and WordPress version 3.8.1. I’ve tried using Google Chrome but the upload box still isn’t on the General settings page. I’ve seen screenshots in a Youtube video of how it should look, but the space where it should be is just blank.

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