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making a post sticky?

  1. Hi, I want to make the post I have on my home page sticky--is there any way I can do that??

    thanks, tomte

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This link will give you the information.

  3. Thanks @dribblingpensioner !!!


  4. @tomte71199
    This is the main link to all support documentation and the searchbox there provides results from both the support docs and forum threads.
    search for "sticky post"
    results >

  5. jobsearchfocusgroup

    Hi, I went to the site above and got as far as the edit post box, but I didn't get an option for "Make post sticky" under the public visibility button.

    I appreciate the help that everyone offers here.

  6. @ jobsearchfocusgroup, at timethiefs second link when you click it, it opens and shows you before your eyes what to do.

  7. jobsearchfocusgroup

    Thanks very much, dribb. I didn't make clear, however, that when I got to the point on timethiefs' second link, my options there did not include "make post sticky."

    I am baffled. Thanks again.

  8. OK, you will have to wait for timethief again, sorry.

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