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Making a RSS-page with buttons

  1. Im think about teaching my readers about RSS and want to make a page with a brief note about RSS, a youtube video and a lots of buttons that connects my RSS-feed with a reader - much like FeedBurner.

    Does anyone know where to find the codes for those buttons? (is it possible)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks - but that was not the question, I already have a big shiny RSS button.

    What I like to make, is a "page", that have many icons, each icon makes it easy to connect the feed with a specific feedreader (google, bloglines, plain rss ect.) Just like a feed-burner-RSS-subscribtion-page. (

    And Im looking for the code for each button?

  3. In my humble opinion, the easiest thing would be precisely that: a FeedBurner link.

  4. So would I think - but my readers are not used to RSS, so I have to teach them, the page have to be customized with video and text.

    Do you think it's possible? Ain't there som html-code-archive some place (that google can't find for me?)

  5. Here is a demo code with my RSS feed. `<p><a href="http://
    title="Subscribe to MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK"
    in Bloglines" style="border:0"/></a></p><p><a href="
    title="Subscribe to MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK" ><img
    src="" width="91" height="17"
    alt="Add to
    netvibes" style="border:0" /
    title="Subscribe to MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK"
    ><img src=""
    alt="Add to My
    title="Subscribe to MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK"
    ><img src="" alt="Subscribe
    in NewsGator
    Online" style="border:0"/></a></p><p><a href="http://"
    title="Subscribe to MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK"
    ><img src="http://" width="104"
    height="17" style="border:0" alt="Add to
    Google Reader or
    p><p><a href=""
    title="Subscribe to MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK"><img
    my/addtomyyahoo4.gif" alt=""
    just change the feed url and title

  6. I don't know why it didn't changed into 'code'.

  7. Wauv. Do you have a link for it live?

  8. See my blog sidebar. It's temporary, since I'll delete it soon.
    Can you please provide a link to your blog?

  9. Thanks, ill try it out

    Http:// (its Danish)

  10. Thanks a lot WPgaurav. I got it as i wanted with your code! Thanks

    Igot a danish preview here:

  11. Happy2Help. :)
    ...... You can edit your profile and can link to your primary blog by visiting Dashboard >Users >My Profile. Or directly

  12. I am already!(?)

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