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    Is a sitemap of any benifit to the reader’s and will it help on the search engine’s at all

    The blog I need help with is


    Member provides sitemaps for every one of their free hosted blogs. We users do nothing. Yes they are useful and yes Google does strongly suggest they be provided.


    Thank you TT i’ll try it, in a past post i thought i read you saying it was useful that’s why i asked. Is clipboard the same as notepad.



    Just to be clear. has already provided a sitemap for your blog. See your Google Webmasters Account. If you would like to create a site index you can follow thee steps in the entry I linked to above.

    Every time you copy text using Ctrl C that text you highlighted is automatically copied to “your computer clipboard”. If it wasn’t then when you clicked Crtl V nothing would be copied.


    i got it , i’ll try and let you know :)

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