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    is there a way to make an index page without going and copying every post and then putting it on the index page in order?



    If you are creating “posts” and not “pages”, they should already be going onto your main page. The number of posts on the main page are defined under your Admin => Options => Reading and selecting the number of posts on the main page. If you are creating pages, they are static pages and not included on the main page. Here is the FAQ on the difference. Hope that helps.



    Thank you Trent. What I want to do is make an index of posts so that someone can look up a post without using the ‘search’ function. Blogger had something like this where I had to paste every post onto a list and then I could alphabetize.

    I am thinking that using the ‘search’ function may be the easiest way to avoid this problem.

    Another thought is to assign each post to its own ‘category’ and then have that list on the sidebar. That may make a laaaarge sidebar!

    Thanks again from a technologically impaired person. My first experience with computers was punching cards with fortran coding on them.




    Here are the instructions
    Happy Blogging!


    thank you timethief.



    You’re welcome. I hope it works well for you. :)

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