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    Hello, We are working on redesigning our main blog: so I have set up a test blog to work on the theme and not disrupt our main blog.

    My question: is there any way that the blockquote inside the post can be made into a box? sort of like the comments. We would like to have the quotes stand out.
    thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    Maybe this will help explain what I am trying to do.

    This box that shows up when anything is quoted.

    This is the kind of box we want for our blockquotes. The theme currently has just one line as a border for a quote. Thank you.


    The blog you referenced is using Vigilance.


    This gives you a light grey background.

    .hentry blockquote, .comment blockquote {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #EEEEEE;
    border-left: medium none;

    For the exact look of the forum bq box, as well as to correct the missing right padding (in Clean Home), I would suggest this instead:

    .hentry blockquote, .comment blockquote {
    border:1px solid #dadada;
    padding:0 20px;


    Thank you. It worked and the panaghiotisadam suggestion fixed the padding. I have 2 other questions, should I start another thread? It is on the same theme, just a question about the header image and another about the sidebar.


    Well, here are the 2 questions, just in case…

    The blog owner wants to have the header image link back to our home page. (She also wanted to know if the title can go over the header image (like we have on the vigilant theme that we are using) Is this possible?

    The other question is about the recent comments sidebar widget. I have been trying to make the font inside the recent comment widget smaller, but I cannot find the code to decrease the font size. Could you point me to the code that would make the font smaller in the recent comments widget?

    Thank you so much for your assistance.



    I answered your first question here. The latter you can do with:

    #recent-comments {font-size:0.846em;}

    It is always worth linking to the blog in question if it is not your default blog. In this thread we have links to two blogs but neither of them using the theme you are intending to switch to. Seeing as CSS is theme specific this could have a big effect on the answers we have given you (luckily the blockquote code should still work on clean home as it does on vigilance.


    Luke’s last phrase might cause confusion: both TSP’s suggestion and mine were for Clean Home, not Vigilance.


    Thank you hallluke, I linked the test blog up top.

    I tried the code for the header image you gave us on your site, it worked but like you said, needs to be adjusted. The code you gave for the recent comments, seems to work when added to the original css template for Clean Home, but when I add that code to the template with our other changes it does not work.

    I understand that you need to see the site with the theme in action to be able to give us the right code. We just wanted to get the template situated before moving the changes over to the main blog. So that there wasn’t any disturbance for the readers. It seems that we can tweak the template…we just have to bite the bullet and change the theme on the main blog. It seems that we will get some help here with our CSS.


    panaghiotisadam, you are right, it is causing some confusion in the Clean Home theme. Thank you, do you know the code to make the recent comments widget font smaller?


    .widget_recent_comments {font-size:11px;}



    My bad, sorry guys!


    Halluke and Panaghiotisadam, thank you so much for your help. We are installing the Clean Home theme on our main blog tonight. The blog owner wants to have the header like the one on Vigilance because we have worked hard to brand that image with the title of the blog on top.

    Anyway, the blog address is and if you can help me with the code so that we can get the header fixed on our site, I would be so very very thankful! ;)


    And one more help question. How can we put the post info, like date and tags and category etc., down at the bottom of the post. Thank you.


    And I just thought of something. The little happy face that puts on the blog to count the stats is missing on our css template. What code can we use to put the smiley back?

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