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Making Blog Public: Adding to search engines

  1. Salaam,

    I just registered and transffered some of my articles here. I realised that when I registered, there was this option to make the blog public and add it to search engines, etc. I unclicked the option then (wanted for wait till I transferred some of my writing here) thinking that I'd be able to make it public and searchable later. I looked all over and can't find that lil option anymore :(

    So yeah.. where is it? Where do I go to enabling my blog to be added to search engines?

    Thanks loads.


  2. Your blog is auto matically added. But if you really are concerned click on the following to submit to popular search engines.

    Google and Yahoo will take about a week or more to add you. Your rating is what will place you higher on yahoo or google. You could also get Google adwords to be on instantly and get visitors quickly.


  3. Wait that option. Ok now I get it. Do the following


  4. Yeah, I agree with that. Your rating maybe Insuficient to visible, maybe another blog's a higher rating than yours. So be patient,, salam

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