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    Sorry for reposting, I can’t seem to delete any posts made. reposting because I hit “Send Post” a few times and it got posted 3 times!. Now the post:

    another way to ask this is: how do I make a page that will show all my posts for a category?

    I searched the forums for doing this and did not find any answers – they all said it cannot be done, other than creating an index.

    I simply wanted to add links of my biggest categories to the top of my blog, next to the button that says “home” and “about me” See the top of my blog as an example Clicking on any of the links beside “home and “who me” brings up all the posts with that category.

    I played around with the html code and figured how to do this.
    1. Make a page with content. This could be any page that you would likely already have. In my case it was “Who me”
    2. When editing that page (dashboard>manage>pages>edit), add the following code after the title:

    <a href="http://X/tag/Y/" title="Z">W</a>

    X is your blogs domain such as
    Y is the name of your tag
    Z is the tooltip you want to appear when the mouse is placed over the link
    W is what you want the link to say

    Just add the same code again and again for every new link that you want. Also, you can add links that point outside of The code will not be seen when you look at your blog.

    The downside is that you have to add more code each time you want another link, but since the idea is to have a shorter tag list versus all the tags you have in your categories widget, I think it’s fine.

    When I go to Dashboard>manage>pages I only have one page but with a very long title, because of the code.

    I hope others users can find this post and make good use of it. thanks.



    You do not need to make a special page for each tag. Try it now: go to your blog and click on a tag in the sidebar. You’ll see that WordPress automatically makes a page with all the posts for that tag (if there are more than your blog is set up to display, you’ll get the “Previous Page” option at the bottom).



    That’s true, there is a widget for displaying all the tags/categories that you have in your sidebar. Although my list is still small, I feel that the day will come where I will have too many tags and the sidebar widget will not look so “pleasing” to my eye.

    I like the code I came up with since I’m able to put prominent links at the top of my blog to my biggest categories.


    Hey thanks for the tip but I have a slight problem. When I made my tag page for “Stuff Worth Knowing” the page was made exactly how I wanted but next to it (on the left) another page was made with no name that I dont want there but I cant get rid of it without getting rid of my tag page. is the url for my site so can you help?



    The tip that I left does just that – it adds a link at the top of your blog to whichever tags you choose (if the theme supports it)…. which I use to highlight the biggest categories that I have….

    The link looks fine. It doesn’t look aligned with the other text though. I think that’s the theme’s fault. I changed my theme recently, and I can’t even use the html with the new theme….


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