Making changes to Themes via CSS that won't be overwrittenn

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    I understand that creating Child Themes is the best way to customize themes via so that customizations/changes are not overwritten when themes are modified. I also understand that Child Themes are not available on

    So my question is. If I customize my theme on using the .CSS editor, am I at risk of having those changes overwritten if/when the Theme is changed? What’s the best practice recommendation here?




    Hi @dlburbank, your CSS is safe here. We keep revisions associated with every theme you use. If you change themes, you’ll get blank CSS again (since your old CSS likely wouldn’t work the same way with a different theme) but even then your CSS history will be available.

    Also, for sites, I recommend Jetpack’s Edit CSS function, which works much like Edit CSS does here.

    I hope that helps!

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