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making links not jump to new window

  1. How can I add links that will not jump to new window, but stay on blog website and just open a new window automatically? Thanks!

  2. Look at the HTML. In the code with the url, it says target=_blank . Delete that, or change it to target=_self

  3. If you're using the rich text editor, you can choose "open in new window" or "open in same window" which means they'll go from your site to the other.

    As a user, I prefer if the new links pop up in a new window, so I don't lose my place; and as a site owner, I prefer it as well, because it enables people to keep clicking around my site while they're waiting for these other sites to pop up.

  4. As Raincoaster and veltis have given the answers you require, I can only add a bit of useless information.

    It's considered bad "Netiquette" to force a user of a blog/website to have every link open in a new page/window/tab.

    I prefer it but will not force it on my readers. On other websites, if I see a link I want to read without losing the original site I simply middle click (Firefox/Opera) or hold shift and then click (works in IE too) to force the new window.

  5. Cornell I never knew that. I have all external links go to a new page, and links to my own post etc kept in the same page.


  6. It breaks accessability guidelines as well.

  7. Accessiblity guidelines? Can you give a pointer, or a link?

    I vastly prefer opening in a new window, and thought I was doing my readers a favour by doing this. If I change the policy now, it'll confuse a hell of a lot of people, but I don't want to be busting any TOS requirements or anything.

  8. I do that too, I would usually put a 'target="_blank' codes to my outbound links, rather than clicking the backward buttons. I think it's helpful.

  9. Actually I do as well for the most part, even if they brake accessability guidelines.

    Rain, here's the offical, longwinded version of the w3 guidelines. Here's a less winded verion.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Thanks, will take a look!

  11. Look at the HTML. In the code with the url, it says target=_blank . Delete that, or change it to target=_self

    Why don't the image uploading places do this?? Why do they have it open in a new window??

  12. They may not see it as that way. To be honest, The clients that I have that have issues with sight are using text browsers which is where you would be running into issues with multiple windows. Pictures don't show in lynx and other text browsers.

    Gotta also admit that I see a lot of "stuck up" spirit with some internet startups as well where they don't listen to feedback that much.

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