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    I am wondering how I can make links on my blog. I have some articles that I would like to post but would rather just post the links to the articles and not the whole thing. In other words I would like to have a list of articles that are all linked to the real thing.

    Article 1 (this would be hyperlinked)

    Article 2

    Article 3

    Artilce 4

    I have the free blog. Thanks for any help.



    I believe the information you are looking for is found in this FAQs thread



    Thanks. That makes sense, and I will try that, but I was looking at another page
    had it so you could make an article name link to the entire article. Not just placed
    under catagories.

    Something like NAME/?P=75


    I’m not too sure what you mean by the term ‘article’? Please could you explain it a little for me?

    I have another site where I have articles available in the downloads page. Have a look –



    Very much like you have it. I have some articles that I have written. I want to put them
    all in one place as links instead of the whole article. I know its probably simple
    cause I see everyone doing it, but I cant figure it out (Blog newbie here)

    Basically I want people to click on my page that says ARTICLES and have them all
    listed as links. When you click on the link, you get the whole article.



    So what you need to do is upload the articles in the same way that you upload an image file. See here –

    When you upload the docs WP automatically recognises the type of doc and creates the appropriate link.

    Once the document is uploaded simply click on the link and select the ‘send to editor’ option and your done. Just play around with the link in the editor so it displays how you want.




    Thanks. That works great.

    Just out of curiosity, is there another way to do this without uploading from
    your computer? Being able to save your work as links?



    There maybe, but not that I know of. The files have got to be stored online somewhere so that people can access (download) them from the link a person provides. However, where they are stored could be different than on the WP servers.

    Glad to help.



    When you mean “article” do you mean a word document (for example) or a page that you have written?

    If it’s a page then you could just have link an index that goes to a particular article.

    For example:

    <a href=">Article 1</a>

    Just repeat that down the page changing the page URL and article name.

    If it’s word documents (with or without pictures) you could create a new page, calling the document title (Self Assessment for example) and then link to it as above.

    I hope this makes sense!




    So would I make a new page for each article that I write and then index those pages
    on the ARTICLE page?

    If that makes sense?

    Sorry for the ignorance BTW.

    Basically what I want to do is have people go to the ARTICLE page and choose
    from all of my articles that I have written. I would rather have them link to the site
    rather then my docs.
    I have seen other WP blogs do this

    Thanks again for putting up with the questions


    You could have the articles in separate pages. Then make each article page a sub-page of your main articles page.

    So basically you have ‘Articles’ as a main page, then people could then select sub pages to view the actual articles.

    You make sub-pages by assinging the parent tag when creating the page (or editing a page after it hasbeen created).

    It depends whether you want people to read your content whilst online, or perhaps downloading the info to read at the leisure. Or you could offer both. On each sub-pare (i.e. each article) give them a download link.




    Yep, you got it! :)

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