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  1. I just started my own sports blog and I want to know how to make some extra money. I've been writing sports articles for the past 3 years or so on and I've had huge success, so I want to put my work out to make money and to become a reliable news source.

    I Judy bought my domain and I realize wordpress doesn't allow ads. Is there ways to make money at wordpress, or do I have to switch hosts. If so, what hosts will allow ads? I've heard you can use the wordpress programming, but just not being affiliated with wordpress itself.

    Thanks for any advice!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. CORRECTION-just bought not Judy.

    Sorry I'm using my iPhone.

  3. There is some sort of revenue sharing or something for very high traffic sites but I don't know anything about it - most self hosted sites using WordPress.ORG software will allow ads - there are a few "free" sites that have restrictions but I have seen much good about them and their service - you can find quality hosting for $ 10 to $ 35 a month - the WordPress.ORG software is free but you are the webmaster and need to take care of the site - do the upgrades etc yourself or hire it done -

    For more on the difference:

  4. Okay, thanks.

    Does wordpress offer any of those features to gain revenue?

  5. Let me be blunt please rather than wasting your time. WordPress.COM is not a site for make money blogs. If you wish to have a make money blog that can be equipped for ecommerce and can have blogger imitated advertising on it then hire a web host and download free software from wordpress.ORG for your own site.
    types of blogs allowed and not allowed >
    no blogger initiated advertising > blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites. blogs cannot be equipped for commerce transactions. blogs cannot be used to retail or resell anything your did not personally make yourself.

  6. Well. I clicked the username again and got this; is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

  7. I guess we scared him off - sounds like he has been writing for a while but any site would be starting from zero since he was writing on an existing site - his only hope would have been to set his own site up and get the site he is now writing on to send him traffic - some will some won't

  8. If they want to advertise and or try to make money, then a self-hosted blog is the place to be. If they have really good, compelling content that drags in the right type of visitor, they might make a few designer coffees a month after paying their hosting.

  9. No, I didn't delete my site. It's

    I bought the domain from, can I switch it to .org?

    By the way, I just bought it today, I have yet to put any content in it.

  10. When you get your site set up (host is chosen) you just change the name-servers to point to your host - that is done at the registrar (WordPress.COM in your case) - they are a low price and good registrar - there are no restrictions on any content with them as the registrar - ICAN rules prevent the transfer of a name within 60 days of registration - that is a fraud protection feature - so just change where the name-servers point - easy

  11. I'm sorry, I'm new at this. But, I can export it to right? I really like the wordpress set up, it's easy and basic.

    Do I need to get a separate account?

    By the way, thanks for all the great info everyone!!!

  12. timethief has a guide on moving on her web site -

    You do not need a WordPress.ORG account unless you want to post on their help forum. the software is free. I looked on your site and there is no content to export will not gain you anything - you are using the 2010 theme which is the default theme that comes with the base WordPress.ORG software.

    Much of most of WordPress works the same be it .ORG or .COM - if you liked one you will get along well with the other flavor - there are some differences and you will be your own webmaster.

  13. Alright, that's great.

    Thanks for being so patient with me!

  14. @tonysantorsa
    Tou're welcome.

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