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making my posting pirvate and does not appear in technorati blogs

  1. Hi, all my blog postings are appearing in technorati, how to over come this as i want to make them privatee

  2. You need to set this at Dashboard -> Options -> General and uncheck the search engines box.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Yep you r right Drmike, that option is there, but if i've creaed a private blog using wordpress tool but not on wordpress that is option is not there in Dashboard, then how to over come that.

  4. That you would have to discuss over on the support forums as our answer here would be different since we're running a different code base than they are.

    Best bet would be either:

    - password protect your blog using whatever backend (ie CPanel, Direct Admin, Ensim etc.) that exists on your server.

    - or get help from your host on setting up a .htaccess file limited access to your blog and set up WP not to ping out to any of the services.

    Good luck,

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