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    Hey guys, I was just wondering how to submit posts to different pages? Currently, if I publish a post, it shows up on the default page, the Home page. What I want to do is add another page, for news, and have special posts go under that page only. Is there anyway I can do that?

    Also, whats RSS? Is it like for subscriptions? How can I use it?

    The blog I need help with is


    There is only one dynamically updating page, and that is the main blog page (and the other post pages such as categories, archives and tags). Pages that you create are not dynamic, they are static and used for information that seldom changes such as an “about” page.

    My suggestion is to create categories for the different areas and then assign the appropriate categories to those posts. Then people can click on the links in the categories widget to get just a listing of posts in that particular category.

    If you wish you to further control your viewer’s experience, then you can create a static front page and create links to the different categories in the body of that page. Your viewers would then click on the title of the category they wanted to view and be taken to the list of posts in that category. Do be aware that having a static front page will adversely effect your page ranking with search engines. Search engines pay far more attention to the main page of your site and when they see it is not changing, your page rank will suffer.


    RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and basically is a list of your posts that people can subscribe to.

    You can set the number of post you want to show on your RSS feed, and also whether you want to show just a summary of the post or the entire post. The settings are under settings > discussion in your dashboard.

    Most browsers will display an icon in the address bar when you are on a site that has an RSS feed, and many people will just subscribe using that icon from within their browser.

    You can also put an icon in your sidebar linked to your RSS feed.

    You can also if you wish, include links to the RSS feeds for your categories. As an example: .

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