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    I want to put my pictures on my blog, but I do not want them stolen. Is there anyway that you can disable clicking them to put them into full size or disable right clicking on photos? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t remember if it’s Duotone or Monotone themes or both that have right click disabled. However that simply creates a false sense of security as anyone can get around that in seconds time. IMO the best approach is to watermark your images. Alternatively you can “hide” them. Both of those methods and associated links are included in this post > You may also want to register and post copyright. If so see here >



    It’s both, but it’s certainly not fool-proof. I can bust that protection in ten seconds, and I”m no hacker.


    To disable them from linking to the fullsize original, click the “None” button below “Link URL” after uploading and before inserting them.

    But if you don’t want them to be clickable, why upload large images in the first place? The photo of your puppy is 1623px high, res. 300, file size almost 1MB: you’re just wasting storage space. You should make copies of your images, edit them in an image editing application to change their resolution to 72px and their px width to the one you prefer (maximum for the theme you’re using is 500px), and upload those copies in full size. This way you’ll get better quality too: images downsized by WP lose some color and sharpness.


    This is another way to make it harder for people to steal images from your site, but nothing is foolproof. If you put images on the web, someone will figure out how to steal them.



    lol … ;D That’s covered in my post above here >


    Ah, didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know.




    lol ;)



    to be honest all, I have loads of pictures on my site and they are there for people to enjoy, that is why we blog.

    If people want them for personal use then great that is what I want.

    If they want to use them for their site and I have found a few, a quick link is good enough

    If you want to keep your photo’s to yourself then best not post them on a public format.

    Just my view



    A friend is a professional photographer and he posts tons of his personal activities on his site – but he scales them down to I think 420 pixels or so wide and whacks the resolution a bit – seems he made a joke about them only printing 4 x 6 inches – size goes from 4+ megs to under 100k. If someone wants a larger picture they just contact him and make a deal (he does a lot of sailing pictures and is very good) – if you are a friend then usually he just emails the full picture and we buy him a drink or burger next time we get together – he says much easier than watermarking and such,

    but I do have another friend that also does good photo work and she uses the watermark method for her online portfolio –

    both work and as stated above, once a picture is shown on your browser it can be saved without much work.



    For resizing there are lots of ways of doing it, but a simple way for non-techies using Windows is the Mircosoft Powertoy Resizer (XP only) or the Open Source clone of it, which works just fine for me with W7-64. It’s easy and quick to use, and you can select a number of images to resize at a stroke. Since the clone is more widely applicable than the original, here is it’s URL:

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