Making posts appear written on previous date?

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    Since I can’t import my bravenet files to wordpress, I’d still like to add a few of my favorites. How can I change the date so that these old posts are in the right order on my new blog?
    I know I can copy and paste them into new posts, but how do I give them the appropriate date? Thanks!



    If you look down on the right you’ll see a Timestamp box.
    Open that, tick the box and set the date.

    And if you accidentally get one wrong, edit it and do the same.


    Thanks, Podz. I did that before posting this. But it didn’t show up that the date was changed on my preview post. Maybe it doesn’t show on the preview just the published? I’ll try that!


    Yay! It changed the date ONCE I published the post! Thanks, yet again, Podz!

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