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    I’m just getting started and want to use slides in my blog. I tested Slideshare by downloading a simple 2 page Powerpoint slide presentation to see how it works. It works but the slides are so small, its hard to read small print. I couldn’t find any method of using SlideShare’s Full Screen mode when embedded in WordPress. Is there any way of doing this with SlideShare or any other Slide site?

    My test slides are at:

    thanks Tom



    thomaseames, You can change the width of the presentation in the embed code. Current yours is “width:425px.” Change the “425” to a higher number. I use 550. Experiment and see if you can find what you are looking for. You can change it easily in the html code of your post — you don’t do it at the SlideShare site.




    Thanks 900 works nice for a large screen…Good enough but

    Is there any way to allow the reader of the blog to control it like the “full screen mode”?

    thanks fro the help


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