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Making text a link in a post adds extra carridge returns

  1. Hi

    I may well be doing something wrong but when I make text a link in a post, carridge returns are automatically inserted before and after the linked text. Apologies if I haven't explained this very well.

    So instead of looking like this with the words previous post as the link

    'As I said in a previous post, I recently spent the day'

    it comes out like this

    'As I said in a
    previous post,
    I recently spent the day'

    The weird thing is that if you preview the post it looks fine but as soon as you publish it changes to the second formatting style.

    I have tried creating the link by copying and pasting the full link, selecting the post when creating the link and using the short link and it still happens.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you please post an link to a page or post that displays an example of this so we can examine it?

  3. Hi timethief

    Because it look so awful I didn't go ahead with the link and removed it.

    This is the link to how it looks now.

    Do you want me to edit the post and put the link back in?



  4. Yes please.

  5. Hi

    Have just done it.


  6. Please provide a link to the post. The most recent one does not have any links in the body text.

  7. Sorry timethief, it is the same post.


  8. The link shows correctly when the post is viewed by itself:
    But not on the home page where the line breaks oddly.

  9. Thanks Tess. I tagged this for Staff assistance.

  10. Good. There is an older post on the front page with a properly functioning link. Source code looks the same in each… Strange.

  11. Thank ladies.

    Do I wait now for staff to respond or do I need to do something?


  12. Just leave it there and wait. You can subscribe to this topic so you'll know when someone responds.

  13. Thank you Tess. As always the help in the forum is much appreciated.

    Apologies if I didn't post the correct link.


  14. I forgot to add that when I first started the blog this didn't happen. I have exprienced this problem for a while now though but because I didn't know how to fix it I just removed the link as I didn't like how it formatted it.


  15. I found the source of the problem. That post was set to use the Image post format, instead of Standard.

    I changed the format back to Standard and the problem went away.

    More about post formats.

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