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making the headder a link in custom css

  1. Hi there,
    Okay, I'm using the css from Andy Skelton's blog:

    I put up my own header image and removed the blog title - here it is:

    so now the header isn't a link to the home page. Is there anyway to make the whole header into a link?

  2. Not that I'm aware of. You would have to edit the php files to make that change.

  3. for whatever reason 'view source' isn't working on my computer today. otherwise i'd be more specific.

    you'll want to try something along these lines

    except that you've already got your background: url(); set in #header, so you you can just leave out that line. you'll probably want to use width: 100%.

    try it out, i'll take another look when i get home.

  4. COOL!!!

    It works but I have this nasty white line across my header imager. Anyidea how I can tidy that up?


  5. OK, the line is the top of a border that your borrowed code puts around h1 a, the area to which the link applies.

    border:1px solid #FFFFFF;
    should get rid of the line, but the link will still only apply to the section of the image beneath where the line is now.

    To get it working properly, I think you'll need to match the dimensions of h1 a to those of #header, and remove the padding you've applied to h1 (which pushes h1 a down the page.

    Adapting sunburntkamel's code, you get:

    h1 a {<br /> display:block;<br /> align:center;<br /> height:200px;<br /> width:760px;<br /> text-indent: -9000px;<br /> }

    Then go to h1, and delete:

    hope this helps

  6. Works to perfection !

    Thanks raggedrobin and sunburntkamel - you're both legends !

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