Making Usernname same as url previously made not working

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    I made a blog with this account under Now I want to make a username whccmississippi but it is saying the username is already taken. Then I went to lost password and typed it in and got it as an invalid username. Does it exist or does it not? And can I get it to use with the blog so the team can post through it?

    The blog I need help with is



    My understanding is that blog urls and names come out of the same namespace. By creating you made the name whccmississippi unavailable. The only way to create a username and blog url that are the same is to do it at initial registration.

    I don’t know whether support could create a user with the same name as that of a blog you own. You could alsways create a new name like whccmississippi-team and let your team post through that. Depending on the size/trust among your team you might want everyone to create their own individual accounts and grant them the appropriate level of access (editorial, admin, etc.). This would give you more control over who could do what, as well as showing the author of each post (on most themes).



    Thanks. I contacted support. Hopefully they’ll do it for me.

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