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    Ok, I’m a dunce so bear with me! I want to do five things (all connected) and I’ve been trying for three days, wading through the forums and FAQs with no success.

    1 – I want to create a link for visitors to download my CV in the Sidebar. I just want a line of text (maybe with an underline) that says download my CV or something so that it becomes active when people roll over it. I have done this in a half-baked way with a Blogroll but that’s not waht I want.
    2 – I want to create a list of items in a text widget. I have seen the instructions for doing this but adding

  • after each entry just creates a complete mess. I must be doing something wrong. Also, some of those items will be links.
    3 – I want to add pictures to the sidebar but I don’t understand the instructions or the html code provided to do this. for example do I type in the ” marks that are shown or just add text there and what is the image location? Maybe smeone could just tell me what to type – exactly!
    4 – I want to create a link to my LinkedIn page using a linked in logo (I know where to find these but I don’t know how to import them and use them in the sidebar.
    5 – I want to create an RSS feed like on other blogs so that when visitors click it, it gives them a list of sites like NetVibes that they can choose to link to.
  • So, can anybody tell me please?

    This is the second time I have posted this question and it didn’t appear last time!!



It did appear and I answered you there. It’s still on this page:



Since your CV is in .pdf format, it will open in a .pdf reader. If you wish to let somebody download it, you will have to upload it to some website that gives you a direct download link. If it is okay that the thing opens in a reader automatically, put the following code in a text widget:-

<a href="">Download my CV</a>

For your RSS feed, put the following code in a text widget:-

<a href="">Subscribe to my RSS feed</a>


Also, if someone clicks on the PDF and it opens in their browser (using the Adobe Reader plugin), they can click on file > save and save a copy on their computer.



Brilliant! Thanks for that. My CV is actually already in PDF form on the server where my web site is hosted so I have a URL for it. Thanks to you guys I also now have a format for the html need. Just a few more details to sort out now and I’ll be happy.

Richard you have so much going on, on your blog, I’d really like to have some of your features. I guess I’ll learn!

Nice blogs too – both of you. Makes me realise how far I have yet to develop.


Thank you. The blog linked to my username is self-hosted so I have a lot more things available to me than here at .com, but once you start getting the hang of things, there are lots of ways to implement great things here. There are a lot of creative people here who have figured out ways around some of the limitations.

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