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    How do I make my blog’s URL show as “Secure” with the green padlock? The URL says “secure” but is not green and has no padlock.

    The blog I need help with is



    Correction: It shows “https” but doesn’t say “secure.”


    Hi there,

    All sites use HTTPS — we add an SSL certificate to help keep your site secure. Which site are you concerned about?

    Let me know and I’ll take a look.




    My blog,


    Hi there

    Thanks for the link. Your site itself is secure but you have embedded an image from a third party site. The URL doesn’t contain https:// so the browser is treating it as an insecure object — which is why you have no green padlock.

    You’ll notice this image is http:// not https://

    There is a https:// version of the image here:

    Come back to me if you have any questions.



    Oh thank you! I’d have never figured that out.


    You’re welcome. I can see a padlock on your site now. Success! :)



    Again, thank you. Now readers can be assured my site is safe (and so can I!)


    I am also quite new to the game, but I have recently changed my URL status from HTTP to HTTPS by simply going to the SGoptimizer plugin came along with my hosting provider by default. It also depends on your hosting provider as most of them give free SSL certificate along with their hosting service. Anf if you are having issues you can have a read at this as it will clarify a lot of confusions: I hope this helps.

    Beside this, in Google’s recent update, it was announced that Google will be giving preference to thos site with HTTPS on, so, more reasons for you to go with HTTPS and get that padlock sign in your URL.

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