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Malware warning on Patrick Latter's site

  1. forwomenseyesonly

    Patrick Latter "liked" my post, but when I clicked on his site my computer's bitdefender blocked his site page and I got a warning that his site contained malware.
    Blog url:

  2. Note that those receiving the malware warning can click the link in it to get specific details such as more information about the warning, identifying source ie. the bad URL. That said, this issue has been known to pop up when bloggers used images from an unsafe site or have linked to an unsafe site in a blog post.

  3. forwomenseyesonly

    I will try that, thanks!

  4. Hi, I've gone through all my posts, but the warning still appears.. help?

  5. I, too, am getting the malware warning regarding Patrick Latter's wordpress blog. Perhaps there is a problem with wordpress?

  6. What is the URL of the blog in question?

  7. @jeamme
    Have you clicked the link in the malware warning to find out what's causing it? The most frequent cause is linking to images. Check your images.

  8. FWIW Patrick Latter is a serial like button clicker who has subscribed to many blogs presumably because he assumes we are so dull of wit that we will reciprocate.

  9. I'm going to assume you folks are referring to

    If so, I see no errors there. Please make sure that your browser and anti-virus software are up to date and that you're using the latest definitions.

    If you are, please report the false-positive to the application which is presenting the error.

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