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    Hi All.

    I am learning the ways of WP
    I was able to successfully import from
    The posts also brought along their respective labels(blogger) – to – categories (WP)
    ( I intend to bring togather 5 seperate blogs under one url in WP)

    Say ,
    Post 1 – Perspective, Love, Romance
    Post 2 – Perspective, Education, Social
    Post 3 – Perspective, Career

    Now, in WP, i am seeing all of these as 6 parent categories ( ie each lable is a parent category)
    However I want to retain “Perspective” as parent category & rest 5 as child categories “for -Perspective-“

    This is a short list. I have about 150 such lables. Plese let me know how i can organise them.
    If its easy to write a txt / php file and do a FTP upload would ease things, I am open to that as well.
    Thanks in advance
    Best Wishes
    Deepa govind


    Will the above link help ?

    It shows how to make parent categories after the categories are created.



    If its easy to write a txt / php file and do a FTP upload would ease things, I am open to that as well.

    There is no FTP access to wordpress.COM blogs. We cannot access the template files containing the PHP underlying our themes, let alone, edit them on wordpress.COM blogs.

    Please read this so you understand the differences between free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG software installs >

    Also note that we require you to post the complete URL for the blog in question when you post to this forum starting with http:// so we can provide the correct answer to questions posed.

    If your blog is indeed a free blog from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM then please do this as the HTML markup form blogspot blogs does not validate.

    Settings > Writing and select “ ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “Save Changes.”

    Categories and tags are treated the same way by search engines. If your labels are not entered as categories and tags then you may have to edit your posts and add them.
    See here >



    Thanks for the responses

    tch .. tch, i still need to get hold of .com / .org blogs

    Mine is a .org blog.
    I am experimenting with some junk posts.

    Could you please share the support forum for .org blogs
    Would it be okay to repost this query there ??







    I am logged in at the ,
    yet i am not able to see “post new topic”

    Am i missing something here?


    You have to go to one of the forums such as how to and troubleshooting, etc. You will find an “add new” button at the top of the list of posts.

    Firs thing I would do thought is to do a search there for your question. There is a chance it has been answered numerous times before. If not, then just start a new thread.



    Thank you so much



    No one seems to be monitoring forums



    You are posting to peer support forums which are “manned” by Volunteers ie. your fellow bloggers. The response time here at wordpress.COM is extremely quick and that’s unusual. In most blogging support forums it’s not uncommon to not get a reply for 24 hours. The bottom line here is we cannot help you at wordpress.COM. Sorry but you will have to wait for help on the wordpress.ORG thread you have posted.

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