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Manage multiple posts

  1. It would be great if we could manage multiple posts at once. Sometimes I want to toggle private/public settings, or move them between categories and it's a pain to have to do it individually.

    So, please? Mass edit function? :)

  2. I cast a vote for mass delete.

    As I'm doing it yet again over at the webcomic trying to get them to import correctly yet again. :)

    We've got it for comments, why not posts?

    Feed back sent as well.

  3. I have to say that this has been the bane of my WordPress presence. I would LOVE to not have to manually edit 680 posts that I have uploaded to my new blog individually. Mass edit for everything, I say. Posts, Categories, Comments, Delete options. It would be just about PERFECT then. I would love this to be with the downloaded version as well as the one hosted by WordPress.

  4. I would love to be able to bulk edit and bulk delete but as yet this is not avaialble to us. Most particularly I would like to be able to handle my excessive number of categories (over 100) by using a bulk re-assignment finction to reduce them to 25. This has been requested previously and you can add your voice to the others making this plea by sending in a feedback to staff. :)

  5. them - why did you upload your posts manually?

  6. Hooray!
    Take a look at your Blogroll Management page folks. Staff have provided us with a new option for bulk management of links. My thanks to the beloved geeks for listening and delivering. :)

    "Now, it's about bulk management of Categories," she said ... "I think we can safely assume you're working on that, right?" ;)

  7. I would like the mass edit of posts for deletion and changing categories. Mass deletion always scares me though.....sometimes a deletion can happen by accident and maybe that is the reason that it doesn't exist for posts? Either way, I am happy with what you have (and get in future!)


  8. And while on the subject of 'mass edit' and 'bulk edit' how about mass or bulk emailing to all editors, authors, and contributors while trying to manage posts or comments.

  9. Too easy for spammers to abuse probably. Feel free to send in a feedback though with this suggestion.

  10. The mailto function is active on the "User List by Role" page. Isn't this already susceptible to spamming then as well? Or are you just saying that it would be making it easier? I just put in a feedback as well.

  11. Easier. The mailto tag is one at a time. The email everybody is everybody. Granted though its less of a problem than a "email my friend" function.

    They may add it in.

  12. I agree with the mass edit feature. It'd be cool!

  13. another vote for mass category assignment

  14. Not a vote until you send in feedback Monday morning. :)

  15. drmike: please advise on an alternative to uploading posts manually. I would like to upload many posts of a similar format which are to be associated with different categories and if there is a quick way of doing this then I would like to know it before I waste a lot of time. Thanks.

  16. Depends. What are you looking at? Are your posts in some format or a file? What platform at you taking them from?

    Just for reference, please don't address posts directly to me. It upsets certain employees of Automattic, the owners of this website and service and they send me nasty little emails since some of them think I'm passing myself off as an employee. I'm not.

  17. sorry about that - I was simply referring to your earlier post

    my data is currently in an excel spreadsheet but I could extra it into some other format if necessary in order to ease the batch upload.

    I want my posts to look like this:


    Label1: Text1

    Label2: Text2

    Label3: Text3

    Label4: Text4

    (Ideally I would like to be able to associate the posts with multiple categories but this could be done manually after the batch upload if it is not possible)

  18. Best bet would be to send in a feedback. Staff may have some method of importing from an Excel file. From what we have here, the closest thing would be the wordpress importer if you exported out into a *.xml file and that would drop each "article" you have in teh spreadsheet into a single post if it worked.

    You should probably work something out with the regular wordpress software from and found yourself a host elsewhere though but you would have to work the import yourself and/or directly into the database.

  19. I'm casting my vote for mass edit for categories. That's the one thing Blogger did that WordPress doesn't seem to do, and I miss it.

  20. I do hope you've sent in a feedback, right? Votes don't count unless you do....

  21. Please provide a way to mass edit posts, comments categories, mass delete future posts.
    The mass deletion of future posts is really needed.

  22. mass assigning categories to posts!
    my vote too!

  23. Thank you for placing due diligence to this matter Staff. Thank you again for all the hard work you do each day. I really appreciate your time and kindness. I want to weigh in for managing multiple posts as I could copyright protect each post using Copyscape-Do Not Copy to dissuade scrapers from stealing my material and other people using my material and not citing me as the the author and creator of the material I write for Second Chance to Live.

    Thank you Mark, Matt and all the other support staff. Have a great week. Craig

  24. thebemusedcapybara

    YESSSS i want mass-editing of posts.
    i would like to add my name to the end of all my do i do that without going to each and every one of them?

  25. @ thebemusedcapybara
    There is no way to mass edit all posts and add an author's name in one go that I'm aware of. You have chosen a theme that does not display the author's name.

    Did you know that you can switch to a theme that does display author's names and solve your problem very easily? Also as you are the only blogger on the blog then identifying yourself as the author seems redundant. In fact your About page does this already:


  26. You're not allowed to copy the copyright notice, TT.

  27. I used the copyright notice to illustrate to thebemusedcapybara that there was already clear indication on the blog that bemusedcapybara was the only author. So now I'm trembling in my boots worrying that bemusedcapybara might sue me ... lol :D

  28. hey,

    does anyone know of any bulk post edit/delete plugins that exist?

  29. Mass edit - adding a category to multiple posts? is it there yet?!!!!! :(

  30. These features have been requested but there is no update from staff as yet. The plugins that do exist are for software and not for

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