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    I am writing new posts, then clicking ‘Save.’

    According the FAQs, the post will then show up with Draft Status at the top of my Manage Posts page until i change its status. However, this is not occurring for me. The Drafts are not appearing in my Manage Posts lists. Only when i publish a new entry, do new posts appear in my Manage Post list.

    If i search for those draft posts, they result. However, i have to search. Am i doing something wrong? I’d like the latest posts to appear in my Manage Posts list, even if they are drafts.


    The drafts appear at the bottom of the Manage Posts page. Newly published ones go to the top.

    You can also access any drafts by going to the Write page. It will show Drafts in a box at the top.



    Manage -> Posts
    click “Status” select “Drafts” click “Filter”

    Do you find the drafts now?


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